Starnight Moissanite

Rose Gold Plated Silver Dainty Natural Moonstone Ring, 1ct Round Cut Moonstone Ring

Rose Gold Plated Silver Ring.

Natural Moonstone Size: 6mm Round cut

Stone: diamond imitation

Moonstone:  Everything You Need To Know

The moon is a thing of beauty that exudes a magical charm. Gazing at the full moon makes one wonder at its spellbinding beauty. Even the crescent moon is revered in many cultures. The iridescence found in the reflection of moonlight is depicted perfectly within a moonstone. This is a mystical gemstone deemed to be a semi-precious gem that may not be in the league of the four most valuable stones but demands respect beyond its price. 

Philosophers have been entranced by the bluish light captured amongst a pearly sheen from time immemorial. It is believed to have an inner connection to your soul as well. Moonstone can make you obtain the mystic powers of the moon too. Do not hesitate to seek out the beautiful moonstone that not only fills you with delight but exudes a certain charm that is hard to resist. 

Usually this ring gets delivered in up to 3-5 days in USA.

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